Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two of the three kittens are out. What a face. Rocky nursing the kittens. She's such a good mom.

Rocky's kittens...
The kitten in the middle photo is so
adorable I think she looks like a little ewok. On the left and right already exploring their surroundings.

Rocky and her Kittens

Meet Rocky the proud mom of three adorable kittens.
My neighbor started feeding Rocky and them I helped.  We soon found she was expecting.
The kittens are just five weeks old.  Friday Rocky brought them out of their little forest for the first time.
OMG they are absolutely adorable.  The little red faced one looks like a little ewok.  So cute.  One is
tiny but eats like a horse and will soon catch up.  They are all little girls.  They love exploring already.
We have them safe in the garage now.
Congratulations Rocky