Monday, January 31, 2011

Here are the latest photos of the
bathroom slate. All grouted in.
Just a few patches and touch up the
walls with paint.
Then seal the slate and done!

Two more orchids have opened, a crazy dendrobium and a beautiful catleya

This is a little Anola catnapping lizard style on my orchid

Glorious Amaryllis in bloom

These are two of my amaryllis plants that are blooming.  The red and pink is called Fantasy and the White
one is called Ice Queen.  I have never had so many flowers on one plant before. They are amazing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is the bedroom with the carpet out and new ply wood down
ready for the barn siding.
Stuff is everywhere. But I know it will be beautiful when it is all done.

This is a piece of the 17" Amish Barn siding that is going to be
the floor in my bedroom. I am so excited.
Can't wait til its done.
Top photo shows the old tile off and the floor ready for a new surface.
The second photo shows the slate being installed. I love all the rust colors.
Today, Tuesday, it is all down, tub and baseboard tiles are in too. Next comes the grout.

Here are two more orchids that are blooming.  The Pink and yellow one I call Maya because she gave it to me and the Yellow one is called Liah Her Glory and has four blooms. 

Orchid Mania

This is a huge orchid called Hey Song 'Tian Mu'
It has a wonderful fragrance