Monday, April 26, 2010

Just wanted to let everyone know that my chimney swifts
have returned. They came back on April 16th the exact same
day they returned last year. I hear them up and about at 6:00am
then throughout the day. They come back between 8:30 and
9:00 every night.
This is all new for Lucia and Cleopatra the new kittens. They sit
on a little foot stool and listen patiently to the swifts twittering.
Chimney swifts live in Peru during our winter and migrate to
warmer weather in April and May. Swifts are endangered because
their nesting trees have been cut down and there are fewer
For more information on chimney swifts visit

A beautiful basket of narcissus from my friend
Brigitte for Easter. All the bulbs sent up
spikes. They are in full bloom and competing
with the coconut orchids for who smells the best.

My coconut orchid opened last week. There are 18 blooms
and the coconut scent is all over the patio. They are very
small flowers too.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Napkin Easter Bunnies from our Easter table.

Megan and Steve
at Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Ballet

We visited Flamingo Gardens and the Flamingos
look like they are wearing tutus.

Catnip makes me do crazy things

Salem Marie and Lucia play with their new catnip mice. They love catnip.
This is a new orchid that has just opened. It reminds me of buttercups.