Saturday, December 3, 2011

Started decorating for Christmas the snowman are ready to sing carols.

All done! If you are in the neighborhood. Check out the exhibit and
the Anne Kolb Nature Center-Mangrove Hall.

The Anne Kolb Nature Center has a beautiful exhibit space. In addition they have interactive displays about birds, trees and aquatic plants and animals. They have walking trails, an observation tower and fishing from a pier on the Intracoastal Waterway.
You can even rent canoes or kayaks.

Spent Friday hanging my exhibit "Earth Air Water" the Art of Melani Kane Brewer
at the Anne Kolbe Nature Center in Hollywood Florida.
It will be up from December 2, 2011 through January 1, 2012
I had three wonderful helpers my daughter Megan, her boyfriend Steve and my friend and fellow
artist Maya. Could not have done it without them.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I will never get any art work done if they
keep helping me like this!
Such a face!!! Both Teek and Bella
are Tortoise shell cats. They have
one brother named Buddy who lives
with Megan and Steve.

Here's Teek she is the little ewok! She is trying to help me unthread my sewing machine.

Here are newest photos of Bella (alias Teacup)
The kittens are a little over four months old now
and into EVERYTHING!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brigitte watches as Maya ties her first egg.
Getting started...Plants-parsley, dill, ferns, flowers and leaves from the garden.
All of my eggs are ready for dyeing.

The photos show the eggs tied with stockings holding the plant material in place.
Maya has all of hers done. I've got eight done.
Next you see the beet decoction with eggs being dyed and then the onion skin decoction.

Easter Eggs the Natural Way!!
These are the finished eggs I dyed.  The top one is using a sprig of parsley.  The next photo shows half on the left dyed using an onion skin decoction and on the right first in the beet decoction then into the onion decoction.
A close up of the eggs.  last close ups of dill.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two of the three kittens are out. What a face. Rocky nursing the kittens. She's such a good mom.

Rocky's kittens...
The kitten in the middle photo is so
adorable I think she looks like a little ewok. On the left and right already exploring their surroundings.

Rocky and her Kittens

Meet Rocky the proud mom of three adorable kittens.
My neighbor started feeding Rocky and them I helped.  We soon found she was expecting.
The kittens are just five weeks old.  Friday Rocky brought them out of their little forest for the first time.
OMG they are absolutely adorable.  The little red faced one looks like a little ewok.  So cute.  One is
tiny but eats like a horse and will soon catch up.  They are all little girls.  They love exploring already.
We have them safe in the garage now.
Congratulations Rocky

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the left Megan making her Mocha cupcakes for Past and Presents last day party.
They get their taste from powdered Espresso. On the right the finished cupcakes. Complete with a chocolate covered coffee bean. They were outrageous. The frosting to die for.
Megan really outdid herself this time!

My room is back together YIPPEEEE! I love the floor. There are so many shades of grey.
Love the key holes and hinge markings.

Here's another view of the floor
in the guest bedroom

Here are two views of the floor in the guest room.  It is 5 inch pine planks that still have paint on them.
You'll find red, green, grey and white paint.  I love the look.  If you are familiar with the floors in the
Anthropologie stores this is the same floor.  The company where I purchased it actually did 20 of the
Anthropologie store floors. In the photos a vintage zinc table and French bread basket from Past and

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little 'm" Megan in her air boot.
She won't have to have her
Achilles tendon operated on which
is good news!!!
Long recovery but no more
crutches and is getting around
much better. Love the shades.

One coat of sealer is all she wrote.
Don't want the wood to get any
darker. Jan says he can always
come back in a year or two and
reseal it!
I have no idea how Jan and Hugo did it.... But inside a 10 X 10 bathroom already containing
cabinets, a triangular spa tub, and a shower... they put a king size bed, mattress and box spring,
an amoire, a tall chest of drawers, two night stands, a desk, a chest and a huge couch!!!!
Magicians to be sure!!!